ShareMusic for Mac


You love music and you want to let people know. Don’t look any further and start sharing the songs you love with your friends. ShareMusic for Mac

Use ShareMusic to share on Facebook the songs you’re playing on your Mac.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Open ShareMusic for Mac
2. Add a personal message (optional)
3. Press the Share button

It also lets you control your music playback right within the app and change the message format.

It will share these information on your wall:
- Song title
- Album
- Artist
- Artwork and link to the iTunes Store or YouTube link

You need to be logged in a Facebook account.

For support, email:


Interacting with the app

To open ShareMusic panel, first ensure the app is running. Then locate and click the ShareMusic icon at the top right of the screen. The icon looks like a music note on the screen and is situated in the top right corner where the time, volume control and spotlight are.

Opening ShareMusic for Mac


If you’re experiencing problems posting your music, i.e. the posts don’t show on your wall. These instructions might help you:

  • Make sure that the ShareMusic for Mac app is not blocked in your Facebook Privacy Settings
  • Make sure you’re logged out of Facebook in every web browsers
  • Quit and reopen ShareMusic
  • In ShareMusic app, do Clear Login Information (from the action menu, bottom left of the ShareMusic window)
  • Click the Share button in ShareMusic window
  • If everything goes well, the app should present you with a login dialog, log in Facebook with your account (make sure you don’t press the Close or Cancel button)
  • Authorize the ShareMusic for Mac app. Should appear after you logged in if not authorized yet
  • Hopefully, next time you look at your wall you’ll the new post.

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11 Responses to ShareMusic for Mac

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    • Thanks for using my app.

      It could be because:
      - Nothing is playing
      - Your internet connection is down or
      - You just shared the song currently playing.

      If you give me more details by email (, I will look into it further.


  2. I also would love to have the ability to have what I am listening to, stream automatically instead of having to always select “Share”. ;-)

  3. Hi there,

    I like the app but will there be an automatic option? It would be a good feature so that you dont have to keep going to the top of you screen and clicking share

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