Calling Desktop

Calling Desktop

Never miss a phone call again!

Calling Desktop will alert you through your desktop when receiving a call. Your desktop will play a ring tone and display a message.

The desktop application can be downloaded below.

Your phone and desktop need to be on the same network.

Note for iPhone:

  • Both apps (iPhone and desktop) need to be running in order to receive alerts on the desktop.
  • Don’t turn your phone off, use the brightness setting to preserve the battery.

For support, email:



Downloads – Desktop Application (Version 1.12)

Download this zip file, extract the executable jar and then copy it to a location of your choice; for example /Applications on a Mac. To open the application, double-click on the jar. If it does not start, it most likely means that you need to install Java.

The Desktop Application requires Java (minimum 1.4.2).

Open Desktop Application at Login (Mac)

  1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  2. Choose User & Groups (usually first item under the System.
  3. Click the name of the user.
  4. Click the Login Items button.
  5. Click the “Add {+}” button.
  6. Choose the executable jar you have downloaded from the downloads section.

Open Desktop Application at Startup (Windows)

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Locate the Startup folder (usually under All Programs)
  3. Right-click on the Startup folder.
  4. Choose Open.
  5. Copy the executable jar you have downloaded from the downloads section in the Startup folder.


  • Make sure the desktop application is not blocked by a firewall. When you start the desktop application, you might be asked to allow the application to accept incoming connections, you need to allow it.
  • On your phone, try to put as the desktop address.


Thanks to Craig Underhill for lending me his tablet for testing!

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9 Responses to Calling Desktop

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  2. hi,i tried to download the executable jar for windows desktop for several time but i failed plz dvise the solution.many thanx,mohd

  3. I have just bought and installed, your app. It is ecxactly what I needed. Because I work in a machine shop and I dont want to have my precious iPhone with me in this hazard for mobile phones environment. (danger of broken screens and blocked speakers and microphones from little chips and rinses of metal magnetized in them). I installed the desktop app next to my working station, and set the speakers to the maximum volume! My iPhone is resting in the safeness of the offices. I am very excited. Combined with my BT headset(that was not ringing unless you got it stucked in your ear all the time) i can answer all my calls with thinking any missed calls, or the possibility of wrecking my iDevice!!!
    I hope this is going to be a working sollution from now on. And i wish you keep developing the softwarewith more settings and options, like call loggers, ID caller, SMS reading, and so on.

    keep up the good job!
    thank you.

  4. I just tried this app out using Ubuntu 12.04 and it worked great even though no mention of Linux in the description. Thanks to the developers this is just what I needed as the speaker on my phone no longer functions.

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