Add Movie Wallpaper (HD)

Add Movie Wallpaper

You want some action, you want to add life to your desktop. Add a movie!

This app lets you display a movie as your main screen wallpaper.

Choose from a selection of stunning movies or choose from your own selection.

Important Note: This app requires a fair amount of CPU time.

For support, email:


Changing the Movie

To change the movie, you need to go in the Preferences. To do so, click on the Add Movie Wallpaper icon and then on Preferences. The icon looks like an iMac with a play symbol on the screen and is situated in the top right corner where the time, volume control and spotlight are. Once in Preferences, select the movie you want or select Custom to pick your own. You can change the custom movie by clicking on the Change button. Ps. the custom movie needs to be in your Movies folder.

Changing the Movie

More Movie Loops – Downloads

You can download more movie loops to use as a custom movie.

Note: to play more movie formats, download and install these (for free):

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10 Responses to Add Movie Wallpaper (HD)

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  2. Hello, when I run the application, this reddish sky is playing. I dragged the icon to the doc but when I click on it nothing happens. Usually you see this ‘light’ underneath the icon indicating that the app is running – this does not show. And in the top bar the app does not show either. When I ‘right-click’ the app I still can choose “Open”. As a result I cannot change the background because I cannot choose “preferences”. Any ideas? (I’m running 10.8.3)

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi – I just recently purchased your app, and it works great. I was looking for something like this for a while and this just fits the bill. But I have an issue in that it will not play m4v movies. I can choose them and then I wait a second and it looks like it tries to play them, but I end up with a grey background. Any thoughts?

    I am using Lion, 10.7.3

    • Hi,

      Thanks for using my app.

      Did you purchase this m4v file in iTunes? If so, the problem is that the content is protected. I think the only may to play it would be to convert the file to a different format. You can take a look at, but I did not try it.


      • Yes you are right – I did some more testing and some of my m4vs work and some do not, and now that you mention it I did purchase the ones that do not work from iTunes. Cheers for that I will investigate further



  4. Hi,

    I thought this program was really good, I especially like the clouds and pink beach sunrise.

    Would be good if the speed could be adjusted more, or just have a set speed for each that looks natural.

    Would also be good if it were full screen, there is a black bar at the top sort of like a letter-box look.

    I have a similar program called my living desktop but the programmer has blocked the program from working if you don’t pay for upgrades when changing OS X versions then it hits you with pop-up’s. I hope that you can have some nice nature scenes in HD like this without that sort of [removed] in the future.

    • Thanks for using my app!

      Firstly about the speed, I’ve tested it and for some reasons adding a finer speed adjustment doesn’t appear to be perceivable by the eye.

      Secondly, there is an option in the app’s preferences for the movie to take up the whole screen – uncheck the Preserve Aspect Ratio option.

      Thirdly, I’m not planning to make you pay more for an update and I might or might not include more videos. But you can choose one of your own (explained above). One of the place you can download move video is located here:

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